ADEY ProCheck - Paul Randall on water quality

How Randall Gas helps homeowners see water quality clearly

“It’s like a mechanic working on a car with the bonnet down. You have to get inside
central heating system to see what’s really going on.” These are the words of
Paul Randall from Randall Gas, a gas engineer for more than 20 years and a strong
advocate for getting the issue of water quality out in the open with his clients.

“In recent years, gas installers, including myself, have worked hard to explain to customers that good water quality is crucial to keep systems running well long term. This approach, together with more advanced solutions available, means we are now in a far stronger position to show customers that a problem exists. With
that evidence in hand, we can proactively discuss with them how it can be quickly rectified.”

In Paul’s opinion, engaging with homeowners and taking the time to explain water quality-related issues, builds stronger relationships so they have greater trust in their gas engineer and the advice being given.

“For many people, once they understand the reasons behind maintaining the quality of the water in their heating systems, they are far more likely to accept expert advice. There is a real issue out there about system water quality. I would estimate that nearly 70% of the water samples I have taken to be tested have failed because of sludge and corrosion affecting the water. Saying that, we need concrete evidence to back up what we are saying, and this is where an innovative solution really helps.”

Previously, Paul used traditional lab tests to gain an insight into a system’s water quality. This was his preference over measuring inhibitor with cheaper dip tests as they often only indicate one brand of inhibitor and are open to an individual’s interpretation of the results. They also do not provide an easy method of talking to the homeowner about the health of their heating system. Lab tests will always have a place for more detailed testing but there is a cost associated which had to be added to the bill each time, and it takes a few days to get the results. This causes inconvenience to both parties and means a return visit is needed for the remedial actions of any issues found.

“There is a real issue out there about system water quality. I would estimate that nearly 70% of the water samples I have
taken to be tested have failed because of sludge and corrosion affecting the water.”

Paul Randall from Randall Gas

Seeking a better solution, Paul discovered ADEY ProCheck when it first launched in late August 2020. He was one of the first installers to get hold of a kit and he hasn’t looked back since.

The ADEY ProCheck water test kit allows installers to get key information on a system’s water quality by analysing inhibitor and pH levels, and the amount of corrosion through iron measurement. The procedure is straightforward; installers take a water sample from the system water and carry out a dip test using the ProCheck strips supplied with the kit. This strip is positioned on a test card before being scanned to the ProCheck app using a smartphone camera – the scan is then analysed and verified. A report is immediately created which includes the results and actions required. This is sent to the user’s phone within seconds. Installers can then review the findings on-site and discuss any issues and potential treatments with the homeowner. A report can also be generated to send directly to the homeowner, and this speed and transparency of results removes the need for a repeat visit, as actions can be taken immediately.

Paul continues: “ProCheck allows me to get inside the system there and then and visually share the findings with my customer without organising a repeat home visit. Importantly, they can see that it is an independent assessment which helps to reassure everyone. I can then chat through the options if a problem has been identified without needing to go back, which could be time-consuming for all involved. I can see the results instantly and outline the options to the customer, ranging from adding an inhibitor, fitting a filter, or carrying out a system flush.

“ProCheck helps me to work smarter, not harder. I’m able to protect heating systems through more profitable jobs. This is because I can carry out my services and talk to the homeowner about their water quality while still on the job and then undertake the work needed to rectify any issues immediately. This removes the need for repeat visits, which ultimately means less hassle for the homeowner and more profitable jobs for me.”

Pictured is installer Paul Randall completing an ADEY ProCheck water test.

ProCheck‘s advanced functionality also supports Paul’s belief in the benefits that digital technology can give for today’s busy installer: “With ProCheck, I can access historic records for each job, so if a customer calls again in the future, I have a full picture of previous ProCheck results and work we have done at the property. It makes picking up a job again so much easier, gives customers confidence and enables me to be more efficient. In addition, the ProCheck analysis also provides evidence that I can return to if needed, in cases where a client has not proceeded with a recommended course of action, resulting in problems occurring later.”

With highly accurate data, speedy results, and independent validation, ProCheck is a key customer engagement and business generation tool for Paul as he looks to provide an unrivalled service to his growing number of customers.

Paul has also used ProCheck on his own heating system to ensure it is operating as efficiently as possible. He wasn’t disappointed, saying: “I was able to obtain a quick and accurate assessment of the water quality in my own heating system and felt reassured that all was in good working order.

“ProCheck is now an essential aid. It is helping to further improve my service offer, get water quality issues on the table and sorted quickly, and, best of all, keep my customers happy.”

For more information about ADEY ProCheck, and to request a demo, click here.