UK Residential Warranty Terms and Conditions

Congratulations on making the smart choice in protecting your boiler. ADEY Innovation Ltd (“ADEY”) takes great pride in the quality of its filters and wants to ensure that you have peace of mind when you have an ADEY filter installed as part of your heating system. That is why, all of our filters come with an extended warranty of either 10, or 2 years, depending on the filter that you have installed. The warranty period for each of our filters is as follows:

10 Year Warranty 2 Year Warranty
MagnaClean Professional2XP
MagnaClean Professional2
MagnaClean Micro2
MagnaClean Atom
MagnaClean Atom2
MagnaClean TwinTech
MagnaClean Professional3 Sense
MagnaClean Micro3
MagnaClean AtomSL
MagnaClean Professional1
MagnaClean Micro1
MagnaClean XS-90

Whether your product benefits from a 10, or 2, year warranty, the warranty covers all parts of the filter (excluding electronic sub assembly units)
If your filter stops working, or becomes faulty, during its warranty period please contact ADEY's Customer Services team on and provide them with any information they request. They may ask for you to return the filter to us for analysis. If they do, it is your responsibility to arrange for the removal of the filter, and to ensure that the filter gets to ADEY safely and securely. Any costs associated in removing the filter and returning it to us shall be borne by you.
Once received we will analyse the filter and confirm what action we will take.

Where we discover a fault with your filter, and as long as it meets the requirements in these terms, we will: 

  • Repair any faulty parts and return the repaired filter to you;
  • Send you a refurbished filter of the same model;
  • Send you a replacement filter of the same model, or a newer model with the same compatibility as the filter returned to us; or
  • Refund to you the current recommended retail price for the filter. Where the filter is no longer for sale, the amount we will refund will be the recommended retail price when the filter was last available for sale. 

The decision regarding which of the above options is taken shall be ADEY’s. If we send return your filter, a refurbished filter, or a replacement filter, then it is your responsibility to have it installed by a suitably qualified heating engineer. We will not reimburse you any costs incurred in getting the filter re-installed.

The warranty will only be valid where: 

  • The filter has been registered with us within 30 days of its installation;
  • The filter has been installed, maintained and serviced in accordance with the instructions;
  • The filter has not been tampered with (including any modification or repair not authorised and approved by ADEY) or otherwise subjected to misuse, fire, accidental damage or negligence;
  • The filter’s serial number is clearly legible;
  • You have provided us with proof of purchase of the filter; and
  • The filter has been returned to us promptly after any fault was discovered. 

All decisions made by ADEY regarding the warranty shall be final.
This warranty is in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer and nothing in this warranty shall limit or exclude those statutory rights.
Any repair or replacement of a filter under this warranty will not extend the length of the warranty which shall always be linked to the original purchase date of the filter.
Where we elect to send you a refurbished filter, a replacement filter, or to refund you the price of your filter, the filter you have returned to us becomes ADEY’s property and ADEY may use it as it sees fit.
This warranty can be transferred with ownership of the filter so long as the current owner can provide proof of purchase and can confirm to ADEY’s reasonable satisfaction that the filter was in working condition when the change of ownership occurred.