Working with customers to deliver product innovation


Together Housing manages over 36,000 homes in the North of England including those for rent, for sale through shared ownership, retirement, and care accommodation. The organisation has worked with ADEY Commercial for over four years, improving mechanical room reliability and sealed system performance in over 50 sites across Northern England.  Spanning East to West, these bigger complexes provide care for older people in a comfortable, safe, and sociable environment.

The brief:

The established working relationship between ADEY and Together Housing provided the perfect opportunity to test new innovations on site.  Having already installed several MagnaClean CMX Nano® filters across various locations, Together Housing were happy to test an additional complementary magnetic jacket at a site in Rotherham during ADEY’s final product development stage. 

Together Housing wanted to ensure that the heating system at Cherry Tree Court retirement complex was effectively protected and maintained to help prevent future problems or potential breakdown. Such issues could not only be expensive and very inconvenient, but also adversely affect tenant comfort – the solution provided by ADEY sought to significantly reduce these problems.

The Solution:

ADEY Commercial worked closely with Together Housing and their contractor to review the existing mechanical room capability and create a way to improve performance and provide preventative measures against future issues.   The central mechanical room serving all 60 apartments required updating to ensure effective delivery of heating and hot water to the accommodations.  THG contractors installed a new boiler, and ADEY provided a MagnaClean

MagnaClean CMX Nano with external magnetic jacket installed, with jacket interior showing powerful magnets

CMX Nano magnetic filter, installed to the system to capture harmful magnetite in the system water.  Magnetite can cause serious damage to mechanical rooms, leading to boiler breakdown, significant costs and inconvenience, and Together Housing wanted to protect their investment.

A bespoke external magnetic jacket was later installed around the outside of the MagnaClean CMX Nano filter to accelerate magnetite capture rate.  Including this solution significantly increases the amount of system debris that can be extracted and is particularly useful when a system contains a high amount of magnetite.

ADEY monitored effectiveness of the filter and jacket, making an initial site visit to fit the jacket on the existing MagnaClean CMX Nano, with another around six weeks later to check capture levels.

MagnaClean CMX Nano internal magnet after 6 weeks.


‘ADEY Commercial genuinely listen to their customers and have the infrastructure to provide the best advice and support to work as a partnership. 

The team focus on truly understanding individual situations, providing bespoke solutions to create system/boiler protection lasting years into the future which will be a big cost saving to our business in years to come. 

Their genuine project/product support and ongoing customer care is a big asset… working as ‘one team together. ` Andy Neville – Specialist Services Manager for the Together Housing Group.

The results:

The solutions provided by ADEY and the contractor to protect the mechanical room at Cherry Tree Court are already proving themselves.  A significant amount of damaging magnetite and system debris has already been removed and has started to improve the efficiency of the system.  Residents now benefit from more reliable heating, crucial to maintaining tenant comfort.  The solutions will reduce maintenance and fuel costs for Together Housing, lower carbon emmissions, and help to prevent future system damage and breakdown.