Vancouver Mechanical Contractor Saves Christmas for Many Residents at Downtown Apartment Block

It’s never a good time for a heating system to fail, but just before Christmas is a whole other level of bad timing.

“Nobody wants to lose heat over the Christmas period. It’s an absolute nightmare, not just for residents, but for building owners too”.

Jay, Owner of JJM Mechanical Group

When Owner, Jay got the call for this downtown Vancouver apartment building, not only did he have an emergency repair on his hands; he also had a root cause analysis too.

Upon inspection of the boiler, a hole was found in the heat exchanger which was spraying over the burner assembly. “The hole led me to believe that on-going corrosion was happening in the system, and that needed to be addressed before installing the new boiler.” Jay also took a bucket sample of system water and noticed the water was black; another sign of corrosion. He took ADEY®’s MagnaClean CMX Midi™ filter out of his truck to check for magnetite levels in the water sample,  and after just 10 minutes, he was amazed (see video on the right). “I had a feeling the water was going to be bad based on the cause of the boiler failure, but to see that much capture in just a matter of minutes was astonishing.” 

With that said, Jay chose ADEY®’s MC3+® cleaner to remove any existing corrosion-causing contaminants from the system. “We chose the MC3+ cleaner because it’s available in commercial sizes and it contains inhibitors to protect the system while cleaning.” explained Jay.  

Once the system was drained and flushed, the new Navien 399 NFB-C boilers and MagnaClean CMX Midi filter were installed. ADEY’s MC1+® inhibitor was then added to help fully protect the system. “Due to the existing corrosion, I needed to make sure we installed the best possible protection. ADEY’s MC1+ inhibitor also compensates for up to 20% of MC3+ cleaner residues left in the system after draining, giving me extra piece of mind that the system is safe. The system had an existing pot feeder on a side-stream loop, so I replaced this with the CMX Midi filter. I knew this filter worked from testing it in the bucket sample, but it also provided me with easy on-going chemical dosing capabilities, while also offering the magnetic and non-magnetic filtration that was needed to protect the boilers,” Jay added.

“The Owner was very happy with the outcome of the new installation and feels reassured with the addition of ADEY’s boiler protection. I will be back prior to the next heating season to service the system including the filter to see what capture we have got,” Jay summarized.

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