The benefits of side-stream magnetic filtration

Looking for a solution that will make your specifying quotes stand out from the rest?

Wanting to spec a magnetic dirt filter on a commercial system without incorporating large costs?

Working on a budget sensitive project where magnetic dirt filtration is a requirement?

Struggling to source a magnetic dirt filter to suit in-line pipework size?

Side-stream magnetic filtration could be the solution you need, and here is exactly why:

Large pipework size solution – side-stream filtration allows pipework to be downsized, offering a solution if in-line pipework size is too large i.e over 8″.

Cost savings – ability to downsize pipework means fewer materials required, and quicker installation time means lower labor costs

No additional resistance on system pump – side-stream filtration only requires a % of system water, meaning no extra resistance is required from the pump

No unexpected downtime – ability to complete install without inconvenience of unexpected system downtime on vital sites such as hospitals

No water or temperature loss – side stream filtration systems can be cleaned while the system is online, meaning no water or heat loss during service / maintenance checks

Maximum filtration capture at a lower cost – install multi-filter rather than one large filter

Innovative installation option – side-stream installation gives the engineer time to be more creative with filter design and installation

Side-stream Sizing

Option 1.) Multiply the flow rate by 10%, which will send 10% of the flow through the filter.

Example; 2,000 x 10% = 200 gpm which would equate to 12,000 gph and subsequently 288,000 galls in a 24-hour period. Which would essentially be 39 times the system volume in a 24-hour period. That is a significant amount, due mainly to a relatively high flow rate in comparison to the system volume.

Option 2.) Divide the system volume by 360 which will give 4 passes equal to the system volume per day

Example; 7300/ 360 = 20.3 gpm x 60 = 1216.6 gph x 24 = 29,200 galls in a 24-hour period. If we divide that by 4 it brings us back to the 7,300-original volume.

side stream diagram.png

The solution MagnaClean CMX™!

The MagnaClean CMX range is the latest innovative extension of ADEY’s already existing, market-leading MagnaClean® range of filters, offering a new and unique way of capturing both magnetic and non-magnetic debris by combining powerful neodymium magnets with a range of high quality, 5-50 micron spun-bonded filter cartridges, and needlefelt bag filters . These cartridge & bag filters also act as passive deaerators, encouraging the release of dissolved air & gases from the system water which can then be vented via the automatic air vent which is included with each of the three side-stream filters within the range: the MagnaClean CMX Nano™, Midi and Maxi.

The MagnaClean CMX range can also be serviced with little or zero system downtime or flushing, meaning minimal water & heat loss during maintenance. This makes the range ideal for a wide range of commercial & industrial applications such as manufacturing plants, sports facilities, hospitals, schools etc. The Midi and Maxi sizes also act as pot feeders, making chemical dosing / water treatment management effortless.

Constructed from 316L stainless steel with EPDM seals, ADEY have stuck to their roots by delivering on quality, yet again with this new filter range. Compact and lightweight, with self-supporting, pipe clip and floor-standing options, tool-free servicing and removable magnet assemblies, the MagnaClean CMX range is easy to install and service. The innovative CMX Nano External Magnetic Jacket and CMX Nano filter combine to help accelerate the removal of highly damaging magnetite debris from heating & chilled systems, creating what is possibly the most compact, yet powerful commercial system filter combination available today.

The innovative MagnaClean CMX range is a highly efficient and flexible product solution which delivers formidable dual-filtration performance, direct chemical dosing capability and improved system efficiencies & protection, helping to reduce maintenance costs, energy usage and carbon emissions.

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