How to Protect Your Boiler Investment and Install

Firstly, you can carry out an on-site water test yourself to find out what the condition of the water is. ADEY’s water test kit includes an analysis chat and recommendations on how to treat the system based on the different results.

The ultimate way of protecting any new or existing system is through 4 simple steps:

  1. CLEAN the system with a non-acidic, polymer based cleaner. ADEY’s MC3+® cleaner uses surfactants which is a compound that acts similarly to detergents or dispersants, to lift and bond magnetite into the water from metal surfaces such as baseboard or radiators, allowing it to be easily flushed out of the system. It actually contains a small percentage of inhibitor meaning it will protect the metals as it is cleaning them, and this also means it can be left in the system for up to 28 days before being flushed out of the system. mc3 cleaner
  2. Drain the cleaner and FLUSH the system. ADEY has a unique flushing device called the MagnaCleanse® which acts as a by-pass unit, allowing the hot water to remain running, giving you the opportunity to flush the cleaner through the system whilst the device is installed. This keeps the cleaner concentrated for a better clean, and the unit contains two strong magnets that collect the magnetite that has been lifted and bonded by the cleaner. This is a great way to clean out each heat emitter zone by zone. Magnacleanse
  3. FILTER using a magnetic filter. Due to the fact that magnetite is as little as 5 micron in size, a magnetic filter is required because it captures all magnetic particle sizes through a process called ferromagnetism. ADEY’s MagnaClean filter has a large surface area and has two non-magnetic capture zones with dual reverse flow to ensure that the finest particles are captured; the magnet sits directly in the flow of water to maximize capture; and the magnet sits in a plastic sheath for easier and mess free servicing. Residential
  4. PROTECT with a quality inhibitor. ADEY’s MC1+ ® inhibitor provides a layer of protection on all metal surfaces to prevent any future magnetite and scale build-up. It also buffers pH levels in a system to a neutral range (6.5 – 8.5), ensuring that no acidic or alkaline corrosion takes place. The MC1+ inhibitor is specifically designed to work with ADEY’s MC3+ cleaner, therefore cancelling out cleaner residues left in the system. mc1 protector