How to get more $$ per call by selling a service!

You want to enhance your reputation in your area. You want new and innovative ideas. You want to grow your business.

Servicing is a great way to do just that!

Firstly, why is servicing important and what are the economic benefits?

Protecting your install and reputation

It’s all well and good installing a brand-new system, or replacing an existing boiler for a new one, but is it protected? Is it protected by clean water? If not, is it protected by the warranty if it were to fail due to bad water quality?

The answer to the latter is becoming more frequently, a no. Many manufacturers are no longer covering warranties if there’s proof of negligence. Imagine the loss of reputation, plus the loss of income by installing components without protection and having to pay for replacements because you didn’t follow the installation manual or check the warranty card.

Imagine covering the cost of a whole new boiler because it failed due to magnetite in the system and the manual stated that the system had to be cleaned, flushed and inhibited to be covered under the warranty.

The cost of protecting systems from the onset far outweighs the cost of replacing components due to bad water quality and is this something you can incorporate into your quote to the homeowner.

Not only are you now covering your own back; you’re also making extra money per call by upselling a service, and guess what? This also gets your foot in the door for annual servicing – inhibitor levels should be tested annually; filters should be check annually – another easy way to create more business and earn more income.

That, is what you call a long-term economic business strategy!