How Do I Sell Magnetic Filtration to a Homeowner?

Special thanks to Mike DelConte, Heating Sales Director at F.W. Webb for sharing his experiences on this topic.

“As consumers ourselves, it’s very rare that we look at one option or quote, especially when investing in something expensive, and a new boiler is no different. As a contractor, why not provide the homeowner with 3 different quotes: a silver, gold and platinum option? By doing this, the homeowner is getting more than one quote just from you, so they are less likely to get as many quotes from other contractors, and because you have put their needs first by giving them options, they’re more likely to go with one of your options because you’ve considered their situation and needs.

As part of the platinum quote, you could even offer the first years’ service for free. The homeowner is getting a further advantage by opting for the “best” option, and at the same time, you are getting your foot in the door for continuous annual servicing. Even offering to complete the rebate form and warranty registration can be the small differentiator that sways the homeowner.

Furthermore, sitting down with the customer and spending time talking them through the quotesand need for the boiler protection can make a huge difference. Although not so many contractors are doing this now, the percentage that do have high conversion rates as chances are, the other contractors have just provided the quote and not taken the time to sit with the homeowner and explain.

By explaining, you are also showing your expertise and at the moment, water quality isn’t widely spoken about so not only are you one step ahead of the competition; you’re also making the homeowner curious enough to question this with other contractors that they’ve received quotes from, and if the other contractors can’t answer their questions, the homeowner is likely to feel uncertain and will therefore opt for your expert service.”

You could also offer the homeowner anextended warranty on their boiler as part of the platinum quote. By following all of the best practice cleaning and protection steps, you can guarantee the life of the boiler and therefore offer something unique that many other contractors are offering.