Heating restored in Downtown Vancouver Apartment Building

ADEY’s MagnaClean DRX® magnetic filter along with six Navien NFB-399C boilers are now providing ultra-high efficiency heat to a busy Vancouver apartment building thanks to local contractor, JJM Mechanical Group.

The building, situated in Vancouver’s downtown area was suffering from heating issues, increased utility bills and overall energy inefficiencies due to outdated mechanical room equipment. 

Owner of JJM Mechanical, Jay, worked with Fresco Engineering to design and install a replacement system that not only provided higher operating efficiencies, but also corrosion preventative measures. “Installing a new boiler is one thing, but factoring in protective accessories to prolong the life and efficiencies of the new boiler is another, and it’s often overlooked”, Jay explained.

JJM Mechanical Group chose ADEY’s 4” MagnaClean DRX to protect the system because it was a ‘premier product and the best-suited product for the application’.

The MagnaClean DRX captures magnetite, which is formed from corrosion in the system, and is a highly effective way of maintaining the performance and efficiencies of any system. Jay had previously installed residential sized ADEY filters, but the DRX was his first commercial sized filter installation. “The DRX is very versatile, making it ideal for tighter mechanical rooms which we’re seeing more and more of these days, and the easy-to-service design definitely caught my attention. The install was very straight-forward, and I know the servicing will be too. We are confident that the DRX was the best solution for protecting the Navien boilers”, said Jay.

JJM Mechanical provides full boiler installation, maintenance and repair services for a wide range of property sizes. Visit www.jjmmechanicalgroup.ca or contact jjmmechanicalgroup@gmail.com for more details.

For more information on the MagnaClean DRX, visit https://international.adey.com/us/product/magnaclean-drx