Hydronics Summit Live Build Boards Donated to Vancouver Colleges!

Thanks to Terence Chan at Impetus Media, PVC Vocational College, the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and Kwantlen University are all benefiting from the boards that were built during the live build at the Modern Hydronics Summit, Vancouver.

 If Read more

Vancouver Mechanical Contractor Saves Christmas for Many Residents at Downtown Apartment Block

It’s never a good time for a heating system to fail, but just before Christmas is a whole other level of bad timing.

“Nobody wants to lose heat over the Christmas period. It’s an absolute nightmare, not just for Read more

Boiler Retrofit Project Gives New Life to West-End Vancouver Apartment Building

When JJM Mechanical Group received a call for inadequate heat throughout this nine-storey, 51-unit, mid-rise building in Vancouver, Owner of JJM Mechanical Group, Jay, knew it wasn’t just areplacement boiler they needed. “Although the older boiler wasn’t running well Read more

MagnaClean DRX® heating system protection for Magistrates Court


Hull Magistrates court is a four-storey building with various mechanical rooms and is around 15 years old. Following a review of electrical systems by electrical contractor ESL, significant issues with heating in certain areas of the building were Read more

Working with customers to deliver product innovation


Together Housing manages over 36,000 homes in the North of England including those for rent, for sale through shared ownership, retirement, and care accommodation. The organisation has worked with ADEY Commercial for over four years, improving mechanical room Read more

Removal of Magnetite from Closed Loop Heating and Cooling System Using Magnetic Dirt Filtration Technology

Swati Sharma1, Neil Watson2, Katie Wagenfuhr 1

1 Water Engineering, Mead, Nebraska, USA,

2ADEY, England, United Kingdom


Magnetite, also known as black iron oxide, is one of the main causes of boilers and cooling towers damage. Most of Read more

Heating restored in Downtown Vancouver Apartment Building

ADEY’s MagnaClean DRX® magnetic filter along with six Navien NFB-399C boilers are now providing ultra-high efficiency heat to a busy Vancouver apartment building thanks to local contractor, JJM Mechanical Group.

The building, situated in Vancouver’s downtown area was suffering Read more

How to Protect a Hydronic Heating System From the Damaging Impact of Poor Water Quality

A look at how magnetic filtration helped lower heating bills and extend equipment life in one north-eastern home

As winter descended upon Westborough, Massachusetts, last December, Joe Geraghty, Business Development Manager at Sweeney Rogers Geraghty Inc. (SRGI), noticed a Read more