Transform your business with Remote Monitoring

Sludge, or magnetite, is a big problem for heating systems. It is the number one cause of heating system breakdowns in the UK. 15% of all boilers breakdown in the UK every year, and 60% of those breakdowns are as a direct result of sludge build up in the system. The sludge problem is causing over £700 million a year in unexpected bills.

So, what if you could give your customers peace of mind that they’re protected from unexpected increases in sludge build-up in between services? Now you can with remote monitoring.

Why offer remote monitoring to your customers?

Makes the invisible sludge problem visible

You can see how much sludge is in a filter installed on the heating system before you attend the property without having to take the lid off the filter. It means you can gauge water quality in the system and pre-empt any potential action required.

Increased peace of mind

Give your customers reassurance that if there’s high amounts of sludge in the system that they will be notified before it causes their heating system to break down.

Generate additional revenue

The added value of heating system monitoring can be a chargeable extra for your customers, so you can generate year-round income. This helps to build the number of active customers on your books, which increases the value of your business, and helps to improve customer loyalty.

How do I do it?
  1. Connect and install a SMART filter to the central heating system (check out the MagnaClean Professional3 Sense® filter)
  2. You or your customer can check the status of the filter in the ADEY ProClub® or ADEY Homezone apps as regularly as you like
  • Engineers use ADEY ProClub
  • Homeowners use ADEY Homezone

If you see a problem, i.e. higher than normal sludge levels, talk to the customer and arrange an appointment to rectify the problem before it effects the heating system.

If you don’t see a problem, do nothing until the annual service is due.

When should I offer remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring is a fantastic opportunity to give all your customers that added peace of mind, so it’s appropriate to talk about it during every new install, every repair and every service.

Here are a few common scenarios & how you can broach the topic with your customers:

New boiler installs

  • Remote monitoring will help to protect your investment
  • Unprotected heating system can become less energy efficient very quickly with high sludge levels
  • Sludge in the system causes 60% of all new boiler breakdowns in the UK

Existing boiler service

  • Protect your heating system all-year-round
  • Get peace of mind that you’re protected against the most common cause of breakdowns in between services
  • Spread the cost with a monitoring service plan (available through ADEY Business Tools)

Heating system repair or maintenance visit

  • Prevent further unexpected breakdowns with remote monitoring
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