ProCheck just got a whole lot better…

Adey Procheck

We love hearing what you think will make our products better, and following your feedback, we’ve made some really exciting improvements to your ProCheck experience...

No signal? NO WORRIES!

Tired of struggling to submit ProCheck tests to your portal when you don’t have any signal? We’ve fixed it! Now, when you don’t have signal, the results for your ProCheck test will be stored by the app until you next have signal. You don’t need to do anything differently, but you can now be confident all your tests will be in the Portal whether you have signal or not! 

Want to see all your ProCheck tests in one list?

We’ve added a new view in your Sense Portal which is for ProCheck tests only. So, if you need to send all your test results to an employer or similar in one go, this is a really quick and easy way to do it. 

Calling all Android Users!

Did you ever have issues with your device being a bit slow at taking those all important images during the test process? You should definitely give it another try because we’ve upgraded Android functionality so you’ll see an improvement on most devices.

To get these updates, you just need to make sure you have the latest version of the ProCheck app on your device, so go and check your app store now!

We’ll continue to make the improvements you’re asking for so you can test water cleanliness in heating systems as quickly and easily as possible every time. Watch this space!

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