System Deep Clean Included In New Government Campaign

Sludge is no laughing matter. Siobhan Baillie, MP Stroud certainly doesn’t think so.  

We’ve been working hard to shine a spotlight on the problems that sludge is causing in homes and buildings, and it looks like we may be getting somewhere!  

The topic of sludge was once again brought to Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero and parliament this month as part of our continued lobbying for government to recognise the need to retrofit homes with water treatment solutions, to support energy reduction and carbon savings.

Siobhan Baillie and Grant Shapps

Siobhan Baillie MP presenting the benefits of ADEY’s Magnetic Filters to Secretary of State for the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, Grant Shapps.

It’s not every day that the Secretary of State holds what is considered to be the main cause of boiler breakdown in his hands…and we couldn’t be happier! 

Homeowners often don’t realise that a dirty heating system could mean they are spending more on their energy bills than they need to and getting less heat from their radiators. The problems are caused by the build-up of sludge, so a deep clean to remove it and a couple of simple maintenance steps to prevent it returning can make a significant difference.

In an independent test, ADEY’s recommended deep cleaning and maintenance steps are proven to save customers up to 7% a year on their annual gas usage and get 47% more heat from radiators without the need to turn up the thermostat.

And then there’s the savings that homeowners will gain by reducing the risk of breakdown, emergency call-outs and potential boiler replacements which is costing the UK over £700m a year

ADEY Deep Clean - EZNZ
System Deep Clean Included In New Government Campaign 5

We have recently heard that deep cleaning and regular servicing will be part of the Help for Households government public information campaign, supporting homeowners to ‘Get Ready For Winter’. 

MagnaCleanse® system flushing effectively deep cleans heating system, removing sludge and other debris to help keep it running as efficiently as possible, therefore limiting the risks of breakdown.

Disclaimer: This article was initially published in July 2023. Since then, the government have updated their information on their Help to Households page. For up-to-date information, please click here.