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Effective Heat Pump Protection With The New MagnaClean HP™ Filter

With heat pumps and underfloor heating requiring a specific type of filter and chemical to make sure they are properly protected, we have launched the MagnaClean HP filter to provide effective long-term heat pump protection.

MagnaClean HP Inside View

MagnaClean HPADEY’s New Dual-Capture Heat Pump Filter

Along with magnetite, heat pump systems are susceptible to a build-up of biological materials and bacterial slime, which if left will cause damage and a reduction in energy efficiency.

Any heating and cooling system that uses water (a wet system) needs protection, but the warm and moist conditions found in low-temperature systems create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria which can form as slime. If left to build up, this will cause damage to the system, reduced heat output, increased risk of breakdown and a decline in energy efficiency of the system.

“The MagnaClean HP offers the very best protection and means heating engineers don’t have to compromise by using a filter that won’t do the job properly. When used hand in hand with our dual biocide formulation MC10+ premium chemical, any build-up of bacteria can be dealt with easily.”

Dan Bacon, Senior Product Manager at ADEY

To maximise the transfer of heat, lower temperature systems have a higher flow rate and the MagnaClean HP’s large canister ports allow for this while helping to minimise pressure drops. This in turn increases the life of system components as well as minimising energy usage.

With heat pump and underfloor heating taking more time and precision to install, as well as having less room for error and more maintenance required once commissioned, the need for exactly the right kind of water treatment solution is paramount.

The MagnaClean HP has been designed specifically for low-temperature systems, helping to prolong their lifespan, maximise efficiency and reduce the chance of breakdown.

This latest innovation offers superior system protection thanks to powerful magnetic technology while non-magnetic debris is captured by the addition of a dedicated gauze system. New CycloFlow™ Technology helps to steer the flow of water down through the gauze and around the powerful neodymium magnet, meaning more debris is trapped within the filter.

“The move towards de-carbonising heating, as well as reducing building emissions, has seen the government set a target of installing 600,000 heat pumps a year by 2028,” continues Dan. “With this type of system becoming more commonplace, it’s essential that the right solutions are available to offer the best system protection. That’s where MagnaClean HP comes in.”

The MagnaClean HP comes with a 10-year warranty, is easy to install and won’t incur additional costs to maintain. The inclusion of 360° isolation valves mean servicing can be carried out without draining down the system.