Sludge is costing you money

MagnaCleanse System Flush vs. Powerflushing

When there’s microscopic sludge on the scene, you need a filter that can capture every single particle, not just the biggest. That’s why ADEY, leading innovator in magnetic filtration, developed the MagnaCleanse.

Combining our RapidFlush filter and VibraClean agitator, this system flushing works to remove debris for a clean and efficient heating and cooling system.

MagnaCleanse removes even hardened debris, flushing your system of virtually all magnetite that may have built up over time if left untreated.

Why use the MagnaCleanse unit instead of powerflushing?

There are multiple benefits for using the MagnaCleanse unit rather than the powerflushing solution:

  1. Time Saving – MagnaCleanse system flush is a quick process. With the help of the VibraClean agitation tool, it can be even faster, with the average process being completed by one person in 2 hours on average to complete a 3-bedroom system.
    • Powerflushing usually requires 2 or more people and can take between 4 and 6 hours to complete.
  2. Concentration of Chemicals – MagnaCleanse flush disposes of water at the end of the process, meaning that the chemicals remain concentrated and heated throughout the process as it circulates the system.
    • Powerflushing involves constantly draining the water from the system and the chemicals become diluted.
  3. Indication of results – MagnaCleanse system flush captures the magnetite using powerful magnets. It also uses a transparent hose so you can clearly see when the system water is clear.
    • There is no visible demonstration that the water is clear when powerflushing as there is no transparent drain pipe
  4. A Solution, Not Just a Product – The MagnaCleanse unit offers a complete solution as part of ADEY’s Best Practice process.
    • Powerflushing does not ensure ongoing protection of the system.
  5. System Types – The MagnaCleanse unit is suitable for all system types as it uses a boiler circulator.
    • Powerflushing is not suitable for older, more vulnerable systems, because of the velocity.
  6. Double Magnetic Power – Magnetite is the single biggest contributor to central heating breakdowns. The dual power of the RapidFlush filter ensures the MagnaCleanse solution gives the best possible flushing process.
    • Powerflushing uses only force and speed to clear the system, which can leave debris.

ADEY MagnaCleanse

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MagnaCleanse Homeowner Animation Show your customers what the MagnaCleanse flushing process is and its benefits with this short video.