MagnaClean DRX®: Complete system failure prompts action at Underbank House, retirement flats in Bacup, Lancashire


After total system failure and significant investment in two new boilers for the plant room at Underbank House, a MagnaClean DRX® was installed to protect the system and prevent further problems.


  1. To protect the investment after an unplanned, distress purchase of two brand new boilers following complete system failure
  2. To implement a more proactive approach to heating system maintenance on what were previously unprotected boilers and pipework


Underbank House in Bacup, Lancashire was built in the late 1960s and comprises 16 studio, one and two-bedroom retirement flats which are managed by Together Housing. Heating and hot water are provided via two boilers in a plant room but due to the age of the system, which had been installed during original construction, it was plagued by regular breakdowns.

With only an annual service in place and no proactive system maintenance, eventually, both boilers completely failed. The system had to be decommissioned and temporary measures put in place to ensure there was no disruption to heating and hot water. The budget was allocated to source two brand new, more modern and efficient boilers but given the investment being made, and keen to avoid a repeat of the previous problems, Repairs Team Co-ordinator, Matthew Pilling turned to ADEY Commercial.


ADEY worked closely with Matthew to install a MagnaClean DRX magnetic filter to protect not only the boilers but the system as a whole. The filter incorporates a unique magnetic belt containing high-performing neodymium magnets wrapped around a precision-engineered stainless steel case, to make servicing quick and easy. The belt is simply released and any black iron oxide sludge that has been collected is emptied via a drain valve.

Before the filter was installed, the system was flushed and cleaned with ADEY’s MC3+ chemical cleaner. Once the DRX was in place, MC1+ chemical inhibitor was added to provide ongoing protection and help reduce the amount of magnetite circulating in the system.

“The system is working much more efficiently and breakdowns are a thing of the past. This has been just the start of working with ADEY Commercial across our property portfolio”


The DRX provided a flexible installation option as it’s ideal for plant rooms where space is at a premium. Simply fitting a filter wasn’t going to be enough though so an ongoing maintenance programme was also agreed that would ensure the system was properly protected, reducing the chance of breakdown and extending the lifespan of the newly installed boilers.

The system water is now also tested once a quarter to help spot any problems before they become critical. This also means the level of inhibitor can be checked and topped up if necessary.


“The problems we had highlighted that an annual service and water test, which always revealed an issue with the water quality, were not providing sufficient protection. Thanks to a proactive rather than reactive approach, we are now in a much stronger position. While it was far from an ideal situation, we’ve learnt from it and with ADEY Commercial’s help have markedly improved the water quality. Given the cost of replacing the boilers, protection is crucial and we’re delighted with the results. The system is working much more efficiently and breakdowns are a thing of the past. This has been just the start of working with ADEY Commercial across our property portfolio and we’re now looking to implement similar changes elsewhere.”

Matthew Pilling, Repairs Team Co-ordinator at Together Housing.