Retrofitting our homes for energy savings

Every plumbing and heating engineer or contractor can help increase energy savings, help achieve net zero targets and support the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act by making your boiler and central heating more efficient.  

All through retrofitting water treatment in the home. 

As of June 2022, all new homes must have water treatment solutions (a water test, flushing and magnetic filter fitted) at the time of build (Part L) to help reduce energy bills and reduce carbon from the home. However, 80% of the buildings that will exist in 2050 already exist.

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What is water treatment in the home?

Poor water quality within central heating systems contributes to fuel poverty and higher carbon emissions from the home. Retrofitting these same solutions to existing homes will save the tenant and homeowner on energy consumption, utility bills and carbon emissions, as well as protect against the £700m in boiler repair and maintenance bills each year.

The current boiler failure rate result is a cost to serve of over £421m per annum

Housing Associations in England alone spent £84.8m on replacement boilers per year in 2019-2020

Reducing energy usage reduces our reliance on the effects of war. According to The Times, chancellor Jeremy Hunt said that all households had a responsibility to cut energy use by as much as 15 per cent to stop Britain from being “blackmailed” by President Putin.

Households are acutely aware of energy-saving tips such as reducing the temperature of boilers, (saving up to £80), turning off the heating when going out (saving up to £105) and turning off radiators in empty rooms (saving up to £105). Here are some quick tips for saving energy. However, the one thing that most advisors are not talking about is the main cause of boiler inefficiency and breakdown which is THE QUALITY OF THE WATER WITHIN THE SYSTEM and costing UK households millions.

You can improve your home energy savings by up to 7% by retrofitting a magnetic filter on your boiler.
Retrofitting a magnetic filter on your boiler can reduce household bills and carbon emissions.

Benefits to retrofitting a magnetic filter, flushing the system and an annual boiler service:

Homeowner or tenant

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce energy bills by 7%
  • Reduce carbon by 7%
  • Save on repair & maintenance
  • Increase boiler life by up to 7 years

Local authority

  • Tenant comfort and wellbeing
  • Comply with Habitable Homes Act – the right to continuous heating & hot water
  • Support Net Zero targets – reduce carbon emissions within housing stock by up to 7%
  • Save up to 4.5% (£3.8m total England housing stock) on boiler replacements per year by reducing the risk of boiler breakdown
  • Reduce fuel poverty

In an article by Imperial College London. Dr Kate Simpson quoted

The UK housing stock is the most inefficient in Europe and last year over 4 million households were living in fuel poverty.

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