Don't Compromise, Fit MagnaClean®

Don’t compromise on quality to save heating costs for homeowners

As a heating engineer, you’re trying to keep heating costs down for your customer, so why would you pick up a product that isn’t the cheapest on the shelf? Quality and proven performance are two factors that should come high up the list when you’re looking at what products you’re going to recommend to your customer.

So, let’s look at why installers who recommend a MagnaClean® filter are making the best decision for homeowners.

1. Heating engineer advice matters

Before we get into the detail, it’s worth acknowledging that many homeowners are relying on your expertise. When ADEY surveyed 2,000 homeowners recently, three in four said they’d like to make improvements to their heating systems that will reduce costs, but more than half of them had no idea that dirty water circulating in the system could mean they’re paying over the odds for their energy.

So, while it’s right for installers to be sensitive to the cost-of-living impacts we all face, there is still an appetite from customers for good advice.

Now, let’s examine a few facts that will give you confidence in recommending a MagnaClean filter over cheaper imitations.

Homeowners don't know that the main cause of radiator cold spots in sludge build-up.
Homeowners don’t know that the main cause of radiator cold spots is sludge build-up.

2. Products that work harder

The powerful magnets in our precision engineered filters have an unrivalled first pass capture rate, which means more of the damaging magnetite circulating through the boiler and pipework is collected as soon as the filter is installed.

The problem with installing an inferior filter is that a reduced capture rate will mean magnetite circulates for longer, increasing the chance of breakdowns and reducing efficiency. This is just storing up problems for the homeowner, which will cost them more in the long run.

3. Where’s the proof that MagnaClean reduces heating costs?

When choosing the best performing products, it may seem difficult at a glance to see how one brand’s filter may be more effective than another’s. Everyone claims to be the best, right? So how can you be confident that you’re recommending a filter that’s going to really make a difference to your customer?

Used as part of ADEY’s Best Practice® approach which has been independently tested by KIWA Gastec to save up to 7% a year on gas usage*, MagnaClean’s demonstrable benefits are clear. When budgets are squeezed, choosing and using products with proven benefits is more important than ever and with a huge need to save on heating costs, the impacts of MagnaClean’s energy saving performance year on year go far beyond the cost of the filter.

You can reduce heating costs by fitting a MagnaClean magnetic filter onto the system
Fitting a magnetic filter can reduce heating costs and carbon emissions.

4. Quality we guarantee

You work hard to build trust with your customers, so you need to be able to rely on the products you use or risk your reputation. That’s why we provide support to installers that goes beyond just what’s in the box, adding further value through our customer service, a 10-year filter warranty and product testing to the extreme. These added extras are often missing with cheaper alternatives, so there’s no comeback if things go wrong.

5. We won’t compromise

Having been founded by an ex-installer who invented the first magnetic filter, we’ve continued to put the needs of installers at the heart of ADEY’s innovation over the last 20 years.

We’re here to support you deliver meaningful energy savings for your customers. Using the best quality filter sits at the heart of a best practice approach that also includes water testing, system cleaning, chemical water treatment and regular maintenance. It’s through a holistic approach that homeowners will see the biggest improvements in their heating system efficiency, which will ultimately help save them money in the long term.  

There you have it. Despite the challenges we all currently face, not only are MagnaClean filters put through individual rigorous quality control, the best quality materials are used which are sourced from reliable and sustainably conscious suppliers. This helps to protect the needs of installers and homeowners – something we won’t compromise on.

To find out more about what makes MagnaClean® filters stand out from the crowd, click here.

**based on independent research carried out by KIWA Gastec based on average usage in the UK, saving is on gas usage only and does not include standing charges.