Retail 25.08.23

Creating consistently comfortable retail environments

Believing that the addition of air and dirt separators alone would be the cure for inefficient plant room performance, a major heating contractor contacted ADEY Commercial to discuss requirements for their customer, a national UK high street retailer of clothing, homewares, and food.

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Testing for system inhibitor


The Contractor was employed to take care of the efficient running of defined facilities in store.   This included ensuring that ambient temperatures were maintained at a comfortable level for both customers and employees, while gaining optimum efficiencies of reduced energy use and costs and lowered environmental impact.

The brief:

Following the identification of system performance issues which became apparent when stores were not sufficiently warm, the contractor concluded that the removal of air and debris from the system needed to be addressed.  They were already aware that a build up of system debris would cause the system to work harder to produce the same level of warmth if debris were reduced, which in turn would lead to increased energy consumption and costs, along with a higher rate of CO2 emissions.

The solution:

Having gained an understanding of the requirements, ADEY’s Regional Commercial Manager was able to suggest a solution that would not only separate air and dirt for removal from the system but would also remove harmful magnetite. Magnetite particles are so small that they are not captured by air and dirt separators – instead, a powerful magnet is needed to attract and separate the magnetite for removal from the system.  The product able to do all of this was the MagnaClean CMX® filter, available in a range of sizes and specifications, with the core models able to extract dirt via cartridges and bags, air via the optional AAV valve, and magnetite with powerful neodymium magnets.

This all in one, complete protection solution was perfect for the contractors’ requirements, and following a full demonstration of the filters by ADEY, they decided to switch from the air and dirt separators to the CMX filters.   

The contractor requested details to initially serve 60 retail sites which included MagnaClean CMX Nanos with optional cartridges, optional external magnetic jackets to boost magnetite capture, and system protector MC1+®.  

Working with both Smith Brothers Stores and the contractor, ADEY delivered filters into one of the merchant’s regional branches, which were then distributed to the contractors on a call off basis – making them available precisely when and where they were needed to fit with the installation plan.

Sidestream installation of the CMX filters was a particular bonus for the contractors and retail customer.  This installation method meant that there was no system downtime or service interruption, or additional costs for system drainage – so business could carry on as usual. 

The results:

Following successful installation across all sites, filters were regularly checked, and the removal of debris was significant, reducing after around six weeks.  Water quality testing on site demonstrated the improvement in system water health before and after installation.  Feedback from employees on site was that their working environment was much more comfortable that it had been.  In addition to this, energy efficiency improved with reduced usage and costs.

Following the initial installation phase at 60 retail sites, 70 more sites were identified that would benefit from CMX filters – each system assessed to be allocated the correct filter model to effectively serve the sealed system.  This system protection work directly supports the retailers larger plan to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions for a more sustainable future.

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