Social Housing contractors pioneer water treatment offer with ADEY


ADEY and award-winning contractors T Brown Group have worked together for many years, principally on new and retrofit social housing projects to improve central heating performance. Selected as their preferred supplier of domestic water treatment solutions, the Group have used a wide range of ADEY products, from filters to remove system sludge to chemicals to maintain a healthy heating system.

The project:

When they first began to create the revolutionary on-site water testing solution ADEY ProCheck®, ADEY’s product development team needed to be able to gather valuable and reliable user feedback as part of the product development process. With over 50 years’ experience in the industry and being one of the largest social housing contractors in the South East, as well as their long-standing relationship with ADEY, the Group were perfectly placed to provide this, and were the first involved in prototype testing and product trials.

Having T Brown Group involved in this innovation, assisting with product development and testing from the initial concept stage was invaluable when finalising ADEY ProCheck before it was officially launched and helped ADEY to ensure that contractor feedback was included throughout.

The Solution:

Through the testing process in collaboration with ADEY, T Brown Group could see the time and cost efficiencies to be gained by adopting ADEY ProCheck as part of its service offering and have selected it as their preferred choice for water testing when carrying out heating system installations and servicing.

By adding ADEY ProCheck to their portfolio, contractors can carry out speedy on-site system water testing for inhibitor, corrosion, and pH levels, receiving instant results to their smart phone. It also allows the engineer and their employing contractor to see inside the heating system quickly and easily, so everyone knows the job has been done well and the system has been left in a healthy condition. Getting results this quickly allows contractors to take any remedial action that may be required whilst on site, avoiding the need to arrange repeat visits, which reduces costs and improves efficiencies. The Group manage their contractor work via a central portal, recording test results and helping to manage servicing all in one place.

“One of the key advantages for me with ADEY ProCheck is the reduction in wasted time for our customers, with fewer visits to their homes.  check everything’s OK with the system.”

Pictured is Barry O’Callaghan – Head of Domestic Operations, T Brown Group


‘Using ADEY ProCheck allows us to demonstrate a full service offering to our customers – in addition to servicing and maintaining resident heating systems, we can now test, treat, and manage maintenance in a highly effective way. We can identify if a system needs treatment before a breakdown and ultimately prolong the life of our customers’ boiler stocks. At TBG we are always looking at ways to improve the customer experience. One of the key advantages for me with ADEY ProCheck is the reduction in wasted time for our customers, with less visits to their homes. Equally in turn this also reduces our carbon footprint, another key focus for us‘ Barry O’Callaghan – Head of Domestic Operations, T Brown Grou

The results:

ADEY water treatment solutions are helping T Brown Group to increase tenant comfort and reduce heating bills through improved heating system efficiency in thousands of homes across the country.

For more information about ADEY ProCheck, and to request a demo, click here.