ADEY | The Power of Heating System Flushing

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A clean system is an efficient one, but research has shown that heating systems in four in ten (40%) homes are either dirty or not protected with inhibitor¹. That’s where heating system flushing comes in.

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Genuit Group are pleased to announce the consolidation of ADEY and Surestop, paving the way for enhanced growth opportunities and increased customer value.

Since joining the group, ADEY and Surestop have been collaborating to provide additional value to Read more

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Effective Heat Pump Protection With The New MagnaClean HP™ Filter

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With heat pumps and underfloor heating requiring a specific type of filter and chemical to make sure they are properly protected, we have launched the MagnaClean HP™ filter to provide effective long-term heat pump protection.

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Low-Temperature Heating Systems: The Risks of Bacteria Build-up

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What is considered a low-temperature system?

A low-temperature heating system operates at water temperatures typically ranging from 32°C to 60°C which is significantly lower than you operate a gas central heating system.

Low temperature systems, especially ones using condensing Read more

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Meet the Commercial Team

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Meet the Commercial Team - here to advise on sealed system optimisation, protection and water management. Find your Regional Commercial Manager contact details. Read more
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