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You can see how much sludge is in a filter installed on the heating system before you attend the property without having to take the lid off the filter. It means you can gauge water quality in the system and pre-empt any potential action required. Read more
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Connected technology transforming social housing

Connected technology transforming social housing 4

Brand new technology that makes it possible to stay ahead of heating system breakdowns is revolutionising the way social housing providers manage large numbers of properties.  

Helen Isherwood, Managing Read more

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Effective Heat Pump Protection With The New MagnaClean HP™ Filter

MagnaClean HP Effective Heat Pump Protection Blog

With heat pumps and underfloor heating requiring a specific type of filter and chemical to make sure they are properly protected, we have launched the MagnaClean HP™ filter to provide effective long-term heat pump protection.

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How to Protect Low-Temperature Heating Systems from Bacterial Growth

Bacteria multiply rapidly between temperatures of 4.5°C and 60°C, making low-temperature heating systems the perfect breeding ground for it. 

As bacteria build-up, biofilms attach to system surfaces. Biofilms look and feel like slime, and this layering on the system Read more

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