ADEY | The Power of Heating System Flushing

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A clean system is an efficient one, but research has shown that heating systems in four in ten (40%) homes are either dirty or not protected with inhibitor¹. That’s where heating system flushing comes in.

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Protecting hospital chilled water systems

Effective and reliable chiller operation to control air temperature in Hospitals is essential when providing lifesaving and critical healthcare in operating theatres, dedicated healthcare suites (e.g. oncology), and ward environments.  Ineffective chiller performance can have a negative impact on Read more

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Connected technology transforming social housing

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Brand new technology that makes it possible to stay ahead of heating system breakdowns is revolutionising the way social housing providers manage large numbers of properties.  

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Creating consistently comfortable retail environments

Retail 25.08.23

Believing that the addition of air and dirt separators alone would be the cure for inefficient plant room performance, a major heating contractor contacted ADEY Commercial to discuss requirements for their customer, a national UK high street retailer of Read more

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ADEY ProCheck®: Water Quality Tests in an Instant

ADEY has developed a water quality testing system that gives installers instant results, enabling them to carry out remedial measures on the spot and show their customer allows the key data connected to a system’s water quality, including measuring Read more

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