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ADEY Business Tools gives you easy-to-use tools to help grow your business, no matter how big or small.

Do you want to professionalise your business but don’t have enough time for the added admin? We have the answer for you.  

We’re delighted to recommend key partners you can work with to be more competitive in the marketplace, win more business and generate year-round income, all available with an exclusive discount for ADEY ProClub® members.  

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Service plans

Generate year-round income with your own service plans. The Tradehelp platform offers three pre-populated plans for ADEY ProClub® members, complete with full terms and conditions. It also manages all direct debits, so all you need to do is sign your customers up – it’s as easy as that!  

  • Three plan levels plus three year-round monitoring plans with the MagnaClean Professional3 Sense® filter (installed to the system separately to the plan) 
  • Guaranteed income all year round 
  • Set your own prices 
  • Plan your time better with long-term service view 
  • Keep customers between their annual service schedule 
  • Professionalise your business 
  • Easy set-up and easy to use 
  • Complete terms and conditions 
  • Complete management of payments 

First 3 months free with ADEY ProClub®

Online quote builder

Turn your website from a business card to a lead generator with your personalised online quote builder. Simply copy and paste the quote builder into your website to give your customer the chance to build their own boiler quote –personalised to you!  

  • Generate leads on your website       
  • Fully tailored to your products and prices 
  • Instant notification of new leads 
  • Professionalise your business 
  • Upsell additional products and services               
  • Save time on admin 
  • Reduce time spent on unlikely-to-win visits         
  • Gain valuable insight into your online business 

2 months free with a 12-month subscription with ADEY ProClub®