The Benefits of Service Plans

If you are looking to transform your business, ADEY Business Tools could be just what you need!

A huge benefit of ADEY Business Tools is our Service Plans function which enables customers to spread costs. This is valuable to both the installers and the homeowners. Having regular outgoings is the best way for customers to avoid any nasty surprises, and unexpected large bills. With routine outgoings, customers can plan and budget, meanwhile, the regularity of these payments provides businesses with stability and the room for growth.

Experienced gas engineer and business owner, Paul Randall, was one of the first installers to sign up to TradeHelp and get started with Service Plans. He shared with us the positive impact that ADEY Business Tools has had on his business, ‘Randall Gas’. The business itself is in a stronger position because we’ve got contract customers. We are not a company that go out and service your boiler once a year – we have got customers that pay us each month. This has increased the businesses value massively because with regular paying customers businesses grow”. – Paul Randall

Alongside spreading the cost, the customer will also receive additional support, and the ability to budget for extra services. All these benefits mean your customers will have peace of mind.

How will Service Plans benefit homeowners?

When water quality is tested, 70% of systems fail! Using ADEY ProCheck® to test the water quality at a service means action can be taken if required. Homeowners would have to pay extra for this if they are not on the service plan – so Services Plans help customers avoid nasty surprises and unexpected bills. Service Plans provides security for both parties.

What are the other perks of Service Plans?

Paul Randall told us about how Service Plans have helped with customer loyalty. “We’ve got loyal customers who feel they’re invested in the company because they’ve got that monthly commitment going out”.

Alongside this, Service Plans are essential in helping Installers stay organised with one place to track and monitor all plans. It has built-in reminders and notifications assuring you keep up-to-date. It also tracks when services are due and any relevant information from previous years, making it clearer what action needs to be taken.

ADEY Business Tools will not only strengthen your business, but also help you to build key long-term relationships with customers.

You can hear more about Paul’s experience with ProClub and Business Tools here.