Benchmark Digital App helps you comply with Part L

Benchmark goes digital with new easy-to-use app

Benchmark goes digital

The launch of Benchmark’s new app-based registration system makes it easy for engineers to check they’re compliant with industry standards. It acts as an in-hand reference for easy compliance to BS7593:2019, with key water treatment information having to be added during the process.

It also means supplying data around their work and validating boiler warranties is easier than ever as it’s all handled digitally, with boiler manufacturers linking their systems directly into the app. No more paper and pen, just professional, digital registrations for all.

BS7593:2019: What does an inline filter do to protect the heating system?

Sludge, or magnetite, is the effect of naturally occurring corrosion in the heating system and is the main cause of heating system break downs in the UK. In fact, 80% of heating system breakdowns in their first five years are caused by sludge.

Changes to BS7593 in 2019 were designed to raise industry standards and incorporated recommendations that improve the health and longevity of all heating appliances, not just boilers. This included the recommendation to add an inline filter to the heating system to protect against the damaging effects of sludge, and to check for system cleanliness on an annual basis. Now, changes to the Benchmark registration process and launch of its new app means compliance to BS7593:2019 is more important than ever.

A magnetic inline filter such as MagnaClean® is designed to capture this sludge before it enters the boiler. Removing it from the heating system water prevents blockages, cold spots on radiators and expensive repairs to boiler parts.

BS7593:2019: What does system cleanliness mean?

System cleanliness includes corrosion, pH, turbidity, and a check on inhibitor levels. When a system passes these four checks, the water is in a good condition. Failure on one or more, means some work needs to be done to get the system working as efficiently as possible.

To check these, engineers can get a full lab test, or use ADEY ProCheck® to get instant onsite results for all these factors.

As part of our dedication to driving industry quality standards all ADEY products are designed to help prolong the life of the heating system, and we’re delighted that industry bodies like HHIC and Benchmark continue to help engineers do the best job for their customers.

The app is available on Google Play and the App Store. To find out more about Benchmark and the new app visit: