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ADEY Commercial: Supporting industry testing, inspection and certification


Kiwa provide testing, inspection and certification, along with consultancy and training to industries from automotive to building materials, medical devices to utilities, including gas appliance testing.

The Gas Appliance Regulation (GAR) applies to almost all gas-fired appliances except some industrial applications. It is one of the most common regulations Kiwa test and certify against, and testing services are provided for the manufacturers of boilers, along with many other appliances.

The brief:

Due to the stringent testing requirements and measures that Kiwa adheres to, and the absolute necessity to provide unbiased results when testing manufacturer’s products, Kiwa approached ADEY to provide a solution to ensure that all incoming system water to the units being tested was of a clean, acceptable quality, free of debris,  which would in no way skew Kiwa testing results.

The solution:

The strict testing requirements at Kiwa specifies that water entering units being tested should be as clean as possible – however, this does not allow the addition of chemical water treatments that may be conceived as affecting Kiwa’s test results.  Because of this, they sought an alternative solution that would extract as much magnetic and non-magnetic debris as possible from the system water before it entered the units.

Mike Green, ADEY’s Commercial Manager in the region visited the Kiwa site, assessed the requirements that needed to be adhered to, and provided recommendations to Michael Harvey, Head of Training Services at Kiwa who was overseeing the project.

The agreed solution was to install two Magnaclean CMX NANO® sidestream filters, each protecting one of two circuits within the testing facility, which would capture both magnetic debris using powerful neodymium magnets, and non-magnetic debris using 5-micron filter cartridges.

Each filter was found to capture differing amounts of debris due to the different locations they were positioned on the system.

Kiwa CMX Cartridge comparison 768x1024 1
Right hand cartridge filter shows non-magnetic debris capture.

The results:

Before the system was fitted with the CMX NANO filters, the water was tested using ADEY’s System Diagnostics Test Kit.  This enabled water samples to be taken from two separate points on the system which were then sent to ADEY’s UKAS accredited laboratory to be thoroughly analysed.

The results, available via an online portal within 72 hours of sample receipt, were discussed with Kiwa, and Mike Green was able to use this information to help inform next steps.

Appropriate action was implemented, and both magnets and cartridges were used concurrently to capture all debris types.

Following installation, ADEY returned to the Kiwa site to ensure that on-site engineers were fully trained in servicing the filters, and it was agreed to conduct regular testing to ensure that water quality remained within Kiwa’s strict guidelines. 


‘ADEY Commercial have gone the extra mile – visiting our site and providing an easy-to-maintain water treatment solution for us despite our tricky requirements.

The obvious expertise, additional training and overall levels of service are second to none –this teamed with the reassurance of regular, reliable, and accredited water testing gives us the confidence that we are in turn providing an excellent service to our customers.’

Michael Harvey, Head of Training Services, Kiwa Ltd

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