ADEY Saves the Day for Animal Charity!

Those around us matter, whether it’s the people in our local area, or furry friends who need a home – which is why we created the ADEY Community Fund. It’s open to all ADEY employees who can nominate a local group to be awarded a small grant to help them achieve their aims and support their local community.

Most recently, the ADEY Community Fund donated to Gables Dogs & Cats Home, who had found themselves without working boilers.

In June, Gables Dogs & Cats Home found themselves in trouble when their commercial oil boilers broke down. One boiler broke down due to sludge, and another due to storm damage. This meant they were without heating and hot water across the entire site.

Funding replacements through public donations would have left them without while the funds were being raised, making it difficult to run the shelter in the meantime, and leaving the poor pups and kittens in the cold.

Fortunately, we were able to help, together with Worcester Bosch who donated the two boilers, with a £500 donation from ADEY to go towards the fitting costs. We also provided filters and chemicals to ensure the new boilers are protected. leaving those who run Gables reassured, and animals safe and looked after.

Gables’ manager Claire told us “It’s such a relief having the new boilers fitted. We can now continue to care for the dogs and cats, without any worries that a boiler breakdown may affect the shelter again. We are so grateful for this incredible support”.

The animal shelter based in Plymouth has been helping unwanted and abandoned pets since 1907.

They take in and care for up to 1000 dogs and cats every year. The animals are either rehomed or reunited with their owners. Each day they care for around 80 dogs and over 100 cats and provide full-life care for any abandoned animals that cannot be re-homed.

We are so pleased we have been able to help.

You can read more about the other organisations we have helped here.